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My passion for arts and crafts is an inheritage from my family. From my gradfather's experience as a metal craftsman and my father's experience as a wood craftsman I started learning at a very early age the love for transforming raw materials in genuine works of art.

It was by breathing the flavors of wood in my father's shop that I've gradually found out one of the two passions that changed my life...

When I was in high-school I met my first master of classical guitar, Mrs. Mirta Pepe. She's been able to teach me the basics of guitar playing and, above all, the most important passion for classical and folk music. Always on the look-out for warm and enjoyable sounds, musical phrases and creative expressions, this first mentor gave me a feel for sounds that fill the soul and not just for musical notes.

Everything I learnt during childhood has grown in my heart and, some time later, I've realized that I could have combined my two passions in one. By crafting guitars I would have given new life to wood thanks to the magic of music.

All my guitars are brought to professionals and what makes them special is the excellence of their acoustic and design, their comfort, their deep strong and harmonic sounds, their maintien and projection. Always manufactured according to the traditional spanish method, my guitars are made of high-quality wood dried naturally.

These outcomes are achieved through both the ongoing search for improvement and the professional cooperation with great guitarists such as, among others, Mr Rudi Flores and Mr Tomas Bordalejo, two pioneers in the fields of sound quality and confort, whose innovations remain in line with the spanish traditional standards.

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